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John McCutcheon

The Old Home Place: An All-Request Show

John McCutcheon.jpg


Sunday, April 18th, 2021

7:00 PM

Live Concert - Virtual Event


Every April, like clockwork, John McCutcheon visited his old stomping grounds of the mid-Atlantic music world.  He'd start at the iconic Barns of Wolf Trap, where he's played more than any other venue.  Charlottesville, his home for two decades, was often the following night, and the Richmond Peace Education Center annually brought up the rear.  A host of other presenters chimed in through the years.  But he couldn't imagine missing another year visiting these old friends and neighbors.


Join "Folk Music's rustic renaissance man" (Washington Post) for a fun-filled all-request evening.  Leave your requests in the chat!

We're sorry but there are no more tickets available for this performance. A warm thank you to everyone who reached out about the show!

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