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Pro-Art Field Trips 


We're taking suggestions for destinations to visit on what we hope will be the first of many Arts Field Trips around the country and/or world. In an effort to further build community through facilitating social experiences around the arts, we're working to gauge the interests in our community for group travel, themed around arts performances and exhibitions in major art-centers. The trips would be organized and led by Pro-Art, potentially with the assistance of experts from our community or at the destination.


Trips would include transportation to and accommodations in major metropolitan areas and would feature visits to theater, concerts, dance, architecture, museums, landmarks, and restaurants.


If you think you might be interested in traveling with other members of our community on group excursions to arts-centers, please help us to understand your opinions and preferences on a few of the important factors for group travel by filling out the short survey below.


We will need to have a reasonable level of interest to pursue travel options and discounts available to groups, so please help get the word out through your friends, family, and social networks.


If there is enough interest to move forward in planning a trip, we will organize a meeting in the fall to gauge more detailed interests and provide further information. Pro-Art Executive Director, Michael McNulty, and long-time board member and UVA Wise Associate Professor of Modern Language, Amelia Harris, will facilitate the field trips and lead discussion at the meeting.



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